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You asked for it!  (Okay, well, SOME of you did :)

Greetings friends and fans!
Yes, it’s been approximately one billion years since you’ve heard from me, and I appreciate your patience waiting around for me to re-surface.

After being in Nashville for six and a half years, I’m FINALLY working on my fourth CD.  SO dang excited about this project, I could just spit!  I've been in the studio tracking since last January and am hoping to release this gem in January or February 2017. 

I've decided to attempt some fund raising around this album, and rather than go through Indiegogo, Kickstarter or GoFundMe, I'm taking the informal (and cheaper) route and have set up a PayPal Business Account.  I’ll post all this on Facebook as well, so please pardon/ignore that duplicate if you also receive it there.
I would so love a bit of financial help to defray costs involved in the creation of this CD – paying my producer and all the incredible pro session players, tracking, time, love, energy, mixing, mastering, art work, packaging – and hopefully, a radio push.  If you can’t manage any of these packages, I totally understand!  Thanks for taking the time to read ANY of this.  I appreciate it.

PACKAGES (all prices include P&H).  Please specify if you would like your CDs autographed.  And if I happen to garner any swag at the time of pressing, I'll certainly throw that in :)

Pkg 1:  Open Mic: $35 – 1 CD

Pkg 2:  Bluebird Cafe: $75 – 3 CDs

Pkg 3:  Tootsies: $150 – 5 CDs

Pkg 4:  Ryman Auditorium: $200 – 7 CDs

Pkg 5:  Grand Ole Opry: $400 – 10 CDs, plus a private concert in your home* with all proceeds going to a non-profit of your choosing

 *Please be within 1,000 miles of Nashville, Tennessee, and allow at least six months in advance for booking.  And for anyone outside that 1,000 mile radius, if you’d like to fly me to/from your home for a concert, I’m sure we can work that out.  You just let me know :) Thanks!

If you'd like to donate, please click on the link below to securely pay via PayPal or a credit card.  Please note PayPal will share your email with me, but not a shipping address.  Kindly provide that to me via email.  If you’d like to pay by personal check, please email me for my snail mail address.

And last - if you’re an artist, no matter the medium, please don’t agonize over donating.  No worries!  I get it!

Thank you so much for considering and/or contributing! 

# # #

And now – if you care to read further – a little on the making of the CD thus far.  I’ve been tracking with Marv Treutel here in Nashville.  Marv is originally from Wisconsin and his studio reminds me of Up North Michigan – woodsy, homey, comfy.  Marv is REALLY great to work with and is a fabulous producer.  He’s made tweaks on a few of my tunes that have really made them pop.  So excited about this album!  It is going to be lush and delicious!  As of this writing, 14 tunes have made the cut. Here’s a sneak peek of the players/singers.  Folks, we have some big fat Nashville cats here:


Bob Mater (drums, percussion)
Dave Francis (bass)
Al Hill (elec guitar, Hammond B3)
Peter Hyrka (violin)
Gary Morse (steel guitar, dobro, 5-string banjo)
Sergio Webb (elec guitar, mandolin, ukulele)
Danny Parks (mandolin, violin, gut string guitar, baritone guitar)

Backing vocals:

Dan Schaefer
Dave Provenzano
Kim Hussey
Joe White
WT Davidson
Kathy Hussey
Bob Mater
Whit Hill
Al Hill

Thanks again everyone!  I kiss you!


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